Why Us?

We operate on a simple premise. We provide high quality services and exceptional value for money regardless of the client being in the private sector or government.

Below are some of our YES'S and NO'S:

# YES we produce great software at an affordable price

# YES we understand government procurement processes and government systems

# YES our processes are lean and agile.

# We say YES to things you want changed in your websites and web applications/software

# We say YES to using common sense when pricing and delivering services to Government

# We say YES to doing things efficiently and effectively

We say NO to hidden costs

# We say NO to corporate ‘software ransom’. You have control always

# We say NO to producing 100 page reports for a simple information website where the report takes longer than the website.

# We say NO to applying ‘drip feeding’ techniques where small works take years to complete

# We say YES to guarantee your satisfaction

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