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How much do your web applications cost?

We don't have a magical number that will be fit for all our clients but we can guarantee you two things: 1) that we are extremely good value for money and 2) we normally operate on a fixed price basis and give our clients assurance that there will be no huge overruns. What is agreed in the outset is what we deliver. We also break up our payments in tranches giving you the client more control

Do you withhold all the development documents so you can hold us to ransom??

We operate on a very high moral standing. We give our clients full access to a repository with all the information required to access the site, activity feeds, the codebase, database, hosting information and basically all you need to have full access to the site. You the client are in control

Have you got experience working with Government organisations?

We have experience working with and within government agencies in Australia. We understand the procurement processes, reporting requirements, security environment requirements and the decision making processes in the public sector. We also understand how frustrating it can be to build software within government systems and unless absolutely necessary, we encourage external development which is faster, more flexible and cost efficient.

What languages do you use to build software?

We are extremely well versed in the following frameworks that revolve around 3 key languages, PHP, Python and Ruby. The frameworks we build in are Drupal, WordPress, Yii, Ruby on Rails and Django. While we can build in other languages and frameworks, we prefer to specialise in these languages as we know we are really great in them.

Do you do big data work?

We are really interested in maths and building algorithms which in effect is all things big data and statistics. Some of our finest applications have complex algorithms running in the background. The main aims of these algorithms we build are to 1) make life easier for our clients by finding trends in data sets and 2) to fold back into the applications and improve their efficiency

Ive got a great idea that is going to be huge and the next Facebook, can you build it?

We have been involved with start up communities around the world for a number of years now and we have heard of many fantastic ideas and many not so fantastic ideas. Fortunately we have helped a number of these startups go to great places. We are straight up people and happy to help anyone who is genuinely interested and able to invest in their idea. Come chat to us for some frank advice.

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