We were requested by a private company to produce a website that looked at ‘selling’ the worlds oceans as a means to raising funds for ocean related projects and assisting with offsetting income from fishing license fees.  We developed a novel portal that was designed with the Government of Palau in mind as an end customer.  The site is yet to launch but you can see it in development here.

Labels 1.2.3

Labels 1.2.3 wanted a simple front end website and an easy to use Customer Relational Management (CRM) and ordering solution that anybody could use. We built a simple front end website according to the Labels 1.2.3. teams design and a data portal that is capable of managing the sales teams current state of affairs with each customer. Having a complex ordering, payment and shipping process, the Labels 1.2.3. team were able to streamline their processes through the CRM and ordering portal we built them. The cost savings to the organisation in terms of labour hours have been estimated to be 15 hours a week leaving sales staff with more time to get on with selling!